Compost Bin with Black Soldier Fly

We met earlier this month and it was our second activity in the compost bin project. The first one was our visit to Anphu Earthworm Farm in Cu Chi. After the trip, we learnt that his earthworm didn’t suit our compost bin and Hoang-Anh, co-founder of the FabLab, has been looking for a new way to do it. Fortunately, she met Khue Vo who has been successful with his research of using Black Soldier Flies in composting.

Khue is currently working at, a provider of organic food. He is spending most of his free time on two things:Read More »

Earthworm farm visit

Last week, the Fablab Saigon team went to visit M. Tuấn from the An Phu earthworm farm. there are quite a lot of information on his website already, but nothing is like going there, see and, for the most daring, touch the worms and have M. Tuấn telling his story.

Perionyx Excavatus
Perionyx Excavatus

The farm is about 1h drive from Ho Chi Minh city, very close to the patriotic soldiers cemetery in Cu Chi. In this area, there are no tap water, people use well water. But there is electricity and 3G 🙂Read More »