Maker Faire Taipei 2015

Following FAN2 conference, Maker Faire Taipei 2015 took place at Huashan 1914 Creative Park on the weekend of May 30th to 31st. At the park entrance, you can see a Maker Faire Logo made by steel. And just before entering main area, another gate showed up.

A giant Maker Faire robot stands proudly at the entrance.

Makerfair main entrance

The main area is divided into 3 sub-areas: MakerFair, Fusionera and Gadget Contest. MakerFaire is the largest among them, where individual makers exhibited their own projects. Read More »


FAN2 Day 3 – Presenting Fablab Saigon to the world

Sorry that this is a late post because we are getting busier and busier at the very fast-paced conference.

On the stage today, Mai presented about Fablab Saigon. She shared Fablab Saigon’s current status, direction and what it will look like in near future after renovation. We received good compliments from the audience afterwards.

Check out our presentation slides here.

Fablab Saigon
Mai shares Fablab Saigon News with the Fablab Asia Network.

Coming up next, Mr. Yoshisuke Kuramoto showed his DIY Fability Scooter which he designed and fabricated for himself at Fablab Hamamatsu.Read More »