Thank you for sending Fablab Saigon to FAN2 Conference, Taipei, May 25th-31st 2015

Yesterday our Indiegogo campaign to raise fund for attending the Second Fablab Asia Network Conference (FAN2) finally concluded. It achieved above and beyond what we could have hoped for, and that is only possible because of the amazing support and generosity from our friends, colleagues, family as well as their friends. Only 3 more days till FAN2 officially kickstarts, do check this blog daily for our updates from the conference!


To the following campaign contributors and other anonymous supporters, thank you very much! We are so grateful that you believe in who we are and what we do.

Nguyen Long Bach Hai
Dan H Do
Dang Quang Huy
Do Hoang Tu
Doan Ho Gioan
Dzoan Nguyen Tran
Duong Huy Canh
Duong Duc Ha
Duong Quynh Huong
Eric llouquet
Feng Yikang
Hannah Ho
Ho Quang Binh
Hua Phan Minh Hieu
Jean-Bernard Boichat
Julien Burdy
Nguyen Le Quang Thai
Olivier llouquet
Pham Quang Dat
Phan Quang Minh
Praveen N
Stephanie Boichat Burdy
Steven S Lumetta
Truong Thi Ngoc Tran
Tran Thi Thanh Xuan
Yvonne Ho

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