Maker – a documentary on the Maker movement

I can’t help feeling excited when I see the date booked for the screening of the Maker movie. Among events from other countries, there are screenings in America, Europe, Africa and other countries in Asia. For the very first time, this amazing and adequate documentary video is screening in Viet Nam. I helped to translate the movie’s subtitles by accident but it brings me a very good feeling when I can have a chance to contribute a little bit in bringing this amazing movie to the Vietnamese community.


And once again, I keep saying this movie is amazing, and it is not because I helped to translate it for sure. It is amazing because it is informative, inspiring and you’d love to watch it. Now here’s why:

  1. The movie shows SUPER COOL PRODUCTS:

All products are made by humans but these products are beyond of our imagination. They are built just because people want to have fun or for business purposes but all are the results of creativeness and imagination.

This is the Eye Writer. This product impressed me most.


This guy is a graffiti artist but he suffers from an illness, he can’t move his body and muscles except his eyes. The Eye Writer enables him to communicate through a computer and also lets him still do his arts.

2. The movie shows A PASSIONATE LIFE

No matter what their jobs are: programmer, designer, writer, entrepreneur … and no matter how old they are: just a child, adult or older.  All Makers have one thing in common. They enjoy hacking physical world by science and you can see how happy they are doing these things. They enjoy creating, building, fixing, and again … creating, building, fixing and the shine in their eyes when sharing is just so inspiring.

This 11 year old little girl is the host of a Maker show named Sylvia’s Supper-Awesome Maker Show. She wants to give inspiration of science to kids and especially to girls.


  1. The movie shows the BRILLIANT WAY the Maker community operates

Opensource: giving out your designs, your products but not being afraid of being cloned. Or Crowdfunding, you build your products or start up your companies from other people’s money. It sounds abnormal. But what happens in the Maker community is they share more and then receive more from their community. Abnormality happens and is successful. I think because of this reason, more and more technologies are sharing and developing, then more and more small-scale companies find their place in the market without big companies or huge capital behind. Maybe you already know about these ways but this movie again gives successful examples of crowdfunding/opensource …


I remember a story when I was just 8 or 9. Accidently I broke a TV remote control. I was afraid that my parent would get angry when I kept breaking all stuff around, so I opened the TV remote and tried to fix it. Like a slogan of Dale Dougherty – founder of MAKE magazine “If you don’t open it, you don’t own it” … Well well, ok I admit I didn’t open this TV remote control for the same reason. But what I am trying to say is this: because the industrial mass production makes everything easy to buy so we just forget and a maker like my father easily bought a new remote control the day after I broke it and I never thought about opening anything else again. But the Maker movement is spreading and more social now. We have Fablab Saigon, we have a Maker movie which was filmed oversea and is now screening here. Don’t say “hey, I don’t know anything about tech”, me too but I am here and find a way to be part of it so if you feel interested, join us at Barcamp 2014 or come to Fablab Saigon and see what we’re up to. I promise you don’t need to kill any TV remote control to join!


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