My visit to Fablab in Singapore

Last week, I went to Singapore for my holiday and networking. Therefore, the most unforgettable memory to me is that I had a chance to visit Fabrication Lab (Fab Lab) at Singapore Polytechnic. Fab Lab which was established 2 years ago with purpose to support student to foster their innovation, make their own projects and creative stuff such as 3D printing, solar car, laser gun, laser cut….



Fortunately, I met Mr Mark Ng who is so nice and friendly. He then took me around and showed which activities were happening in Fab Lab. I was very impressed with modern and technical facilities in Fab Lab, also I knew that the Polytechnic sponsors students to join international contests.


I’ve already seen and tried some of designed models which are orderly displayed on the shelves such as 3D printing sample with the plastic bone of toy animal. Surprisingly, there is laser gun for shooting and metal cut pieces to demonstrate the breadth of creation.




Some more stuff leads to the creation like solar car which was a representative product for Fablab Singapore team to join in World Solar Challenge 2013.


After a short tour within Fablab, I see a big investment and attention of Singapore Polytechnic for students and the development of generation in the future.


Moreover, I believe that this is an wonderful opportunity to connect between Fab Lab at Singapore and Fablab at Sai Gon based on cooperation and sharing experiences. Mr Mark Ng also would like to exchange student or teacher for obtaining more knowledge, experiences, facility. Also, Singapore students can help to provide some useful course for Vietnamese students in learning and searching. Furthermore, we can connect people and create a Fablab’s community without the boundary to contribute more and more for makers community.

So once again, I treasure the meaningful moment I have ever had when I visited Fab Lab in Singapore. Last but not least,on behalf of Fablab at Saigon, I  hope we can work closely with Fab Lab Singapore on many interesting projects in the near future.


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